Accredited Lift-Truck Training & Consultation Services

Pre-Training Consultation

As Part of a value added service, our Assessors will take some time before starting the training to do a site evaluation of Your lifting equipment and processes. This allows us to align the training course according to Your site specific needs and requirements.

Accredited Courses & Staff

All our courses are accredited with the relevant SETA (TETA), including our Moderators and Assessors. One way of being sure that You will have compliance when choosing us.

Time Flexibility

With our flexibility to conduct training, we have chosen to go beyond the normal trading hours to offer our services to our clients. We will cover Your night-shift operations, weekends and public holidays.

Experience & Technical Support

With our 15+ years of warehousing, cargo handling, logistics experience and doing on-site certification and training, we have repeatedly witnessed forklift operators improperly operating forklifts; causing damage to property, cargo and lifting equipment requiring unnecessary forklift repairs. Accordingly, not only do we correct Lift Truck operators, but by doing so, we have saved companies thousands of rands in major forklift repairs and technical support.

On-Site Training

When you need your team trained and certified in Lift Truck operations, Siyasizana Services is your go-to solution. With your convenience in mind, our Accredited and Safety aligned training programs can be brought to your location so employees won’t have to travel off-site. Our affordable, Forklift Certification is designed to provide an extensive, yet cost-effective curriculum, to quickly train and certify your employees (regardless of size).

Theoretical & Practical Participation

At Siyasizana Services, we know everyone is different with different learning capabilities. That’s why our trainers not only are patient, but they tailor each class to each individual student. To make sure you receive the most from your training, we pay attention to you and your needs. We pin point where you’re struggling and direct our time and attention to those areas. We take note of how you learn best and adjust our teachings to you. In fact, we have a motto, “No Student Left Behind.” Therefore, we’ll make every effort to help you keep up in class and understand the material.

Forklift (F1 – F4)

Codes F1 – F4

Forklift Courses covering a lift capacity of up to 45 tons, to cater to all of Your light and heavy lift needs.

Reach Truck, Order Pickers & Very Narrow Aisle Lift Trucks

Codes F5, F8, F9, F13, F14, F15, F16

With all of these codes offered, You will surely have all Your racking operators covered.

Ride on Power Pallet Transporter, Power Pallet Stacker

Codes F6, F7, F12

With all of these codes offered, You will surely have all Your in-house pallet moving covered.

Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Reach Stacker & Straddle Carrier

Codes C30, C31, C48, C49

With all of these codes offered, You will surely have all of Your heavy lifting and container lifting needs covered.


 “we help each other”

“At Siyasizana Services, Safety Is Paramount”

There are well over 85 forklift-related deaths and 34,900 serious injuries yearly. It’s safe to say that the number of forklift-related accidents and deaths will plummet dramatically if more operators would undergo the necessary training. At Siyasizana Services, we don’t take these number lightly, and one of our main focus points deal with following precise safety precautions. Students leave our class knowing how to minimize property and equipment damage, while maximizing the safety of pedestrians, other forklift operators and products. We address day-to-day safety inspection protocols and delve into the proper procedures for lifting and transporting a load. We don’t believe in simply brushing over safety precautions. At Siyasizana Services, we take safety seriously.



BEE Certificate – 135% Procurement Recognition

A 135% Procurement Recognition Provider.

TETA Accreditation

Fully Compliant and Relevant SETA Accreditation available.

Accredited Courses

TETA Accredited Courses

Accredited Courses

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